357 maximum vs 350 legend.

The 350 Legend case is only about a tenth of an inch longer than the .357 Maximum and just .12-inch longer than the .357 Mag. The real difference is the 350 Legend’s rimless design...

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Upper Midwest. The .350 Legend only makes sense in the AR platform and MAYBE a bolt action rifle. Any other platform the .357 Maximum is the king for straight-walled .35 caliber cartridges. With the chamber and throat cut correctly, as coyotewacker points out above, the Max ends up with more case capacity.5. Chiappa 1892 Take Down $1435. Speaking of take-down lever guns, Chiappa makes a good copy of the 1892 chambered in 357 Mag. While the Italian company also makes other variants of 1892, this particular offering manages to pull off the classic colored case look with the modern party trick of fitting in a backpack. 6.May 10, 2024 · The Winchester XPR is a classic bolt-action sporting rifle fed from a 3-round detachable box magazine. The 22-inch barrel is free-floating, ensuring you gain the most from the .350 Legend cartridge, and has a recessed target crown. The overall length is 42 inches, and the XPR weighs 6.75 lb.A growing number of states that previously restricted deer hunting to limited-range slug guns or muzzle-loading firearms are now allowing rifles chambered in straight-walled centerfire cartridges with a maximum case length of 1.8 in (46 mm). See also. List of rifle cartridges; 30-30 Winchester.350 Legend.35 Remington.35 Whelen.358 WinchesterThe 350L was designed to shoot .355" bullets, which, again, makes no sense in a cartridge that was supposedly intended for hunting in straightwall zones. The 360 uses .358 bullets and it is a rimmed case. Nothing more than a straight-wall 30-30. The 350 Legend uses .357-358 bullets and is a rimless case.

Being you have a Legend it’s easiest ya just go legend again. Maxi has ya needed different brass and bullets. Maxi shoots all 357 Mag and the light end of the 35 rem/358 / 35 Whelen bullets. IMHO on game a 180 is where it’s at. But a 200 FTX or good Cast might prove almost as ideal.200 yards - 1549 fps / 799 ft. lbs. 250 yards - 1471 fps / 721 ft. lbs. Already there are indications that the 6.8 SPC and 6.5 Grendel are decent hunting loads, the .300 BLK perhaps not so much. We need more information before drawing firm conclusions about the .350 Legend loads. +/- 3 inch Maximum Point Blank Range.

The 350 Legend is rated at a maximum average pressure of 55,000 psi. The case mouth, labeled C in the image above, measures .3780″, and the case length is 1.710″. (The case length for 223 is 1.760″.) The 350 minimum cartridge overall length is 2.125″ and the maximum is 2.260″. (The minimum for 223 is 2.165″, and the maximum is 2.260The .350 Legend cartridge is engineered for deer hunters requiring a modern straight-walled cartridge. [9] It is capable of killing hogs, deer, black bear and coyotes. With bullet weights ranging from 125 to 280 gr (8.1 to 18.1 g), the .350 Legend is a highly versatile cartridge with many end uses. The ability to practice cheaply with low ...

This is a cartridge has a cult following- particularly within the community of Contender and Encore single shot rifle owners. 180 grain jacketed flat nose soft point. Flat shooting out at 150+ yards (see tables below) 1,970 FPS in 14″ barrels & 2,220 FPS in 22″ barrels. Will not fit in 357 Maximum revolvers due to length.Apr 20, 2023 · The answer lies in at least four new straight walled rounds, the 350 Legend, 400 Legend, 360 Buckhammer, and 450 Buckmaster, all of which match or exceed the performance of the two older rounds. On the far right is the even older straight wall 45-70 Govt. which, with a case length of 2.1-inches, isn’t legal in some straight wall States.The .357 Remington Maximum is the .357 Magnum revolver round lengthened .315 inch, and was basically developed by the hyper-competitive Elgin Gates, who among other things raced powerboats and obsessively hunted trophy-book big game around the world. When Gates got into handgun silhouette shooting, he decided to design a better cartridge ...Much like 357 Magnum, the 350 Legend is loadedwith a .357-inch-diameter bullet, within the SAAMI tolerances. (Rifled barrels, whether in handguns or long guns chambered for the 357 Magnum, 357 Maximum, or 350 Legend all have groove diameters of approximately .355 inches.

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I reload and shoot 35 Whelen, 348 Win, 358 Win, 6.5 Grendel, 30-06 Springfield, 300 BLK, 44 Mag, 357 Maximum, 9mm, 45 ACP, 45 Colt, 30 Carbine, and 35 Rem. Save Share. Like. This is an older thread, you may not receive a response, and could be reviving an old thread. Please consider creating a new thread.

The 350 Legend, being rimless like most modern rifle calibers, would have no such limitation and would work well in a 20rd mag. There are no such issues in that Ruger already has 357 & 44 rotary magazines that work beautifully..

Would .350 legend out of an 18.5 inch barrel render squirrel or rabbit inedible? I enjoy small game hunting and would like something versatile enough to take whitetail within 100-150 yards while not completely eviscerating small game. I was also thinking that a 357/38sp carbine could fit this role as well, but want to hear your thoughts.How many to stop a 350 legend and 450 bushmaster???Truly appreciate you watching the videos!!!New Merch available - https://bit.ly/2W68GqpHeavy Metal here: ...SUBSCRIBE (IT'S FREE!) Winchester's new 350 Legend cartridge is a .223 case blown out to have straight walls, making it a perfectly viable choice for those states which require the use of a straight-walled rifle cartridge for deer hunting, and boasts an energy advantage of 120 ft.-lbs. over the veteran .30-30 Win., yet delivers less recoil ...350 Legend was designed for deer hunting in states that have specific regulations for ... Its a cool round but its really just a rimless automatic version of .357 maximum. ... led to the .350 legend. .357 was the minimum caliber in some states. And there was a length restriction in some states. .350 legend (which fires a .357 bullet ...The .350 Legend case is a straight-wall case with a slightly tapered body so that it will reliably feed in a bolt-action or semiautomatic rifle. It's also rimless and headspaces on the case mouth. According to its SAAMI specs, the maximum average pressure (MAP) is 55,000 psi, so unlike similarly

The .357 And .44 Magnum. In a modern lever-action rifle, the .357 Magnum is a fine deer cartridge at short range. ... Winchester released the .350 Legend at the 2019 SHOT Show. It's nothing more than a .223 Remington cartridge case with the shoulders blown out to form a straight-wall case that will accept a .358-caliber bullet. You might call ...Traditions is well known in the muzzleloader industry and have a solid following among cowboy action shooters with pistols. The Outfitter G3 rifle continues to grow in popularity and is ideal for many hunts. It is available in .357 MAG, .35 Whelen, .44 MAG, .45-70, .35 Rem, 300 AAC Blackout, 450 Bushmaster, and 350 Legend as heavy hitters.Digital Now Included! Subscribe Now. Put the .357 Maximum Where It Works. In single-shot firearms, .35-caliber rifle bullets are great performers in the .357 Maximum cartridge. Originally intended as a …200 yards - 1549 fps / 799 ft. lbs. 250 yards - 1471 fps / 721 ft. lbs. Already there are indications that the 6.8 SPC and 6.5 Grendel are decent hunting loads, the .300 BLK perhaps not so much. We need more information before drawing firm conclusions about the .350 Legend loads. +/- 3 inch Maximum Point Blank Range.Winchester Ammunition launched a new rimless straight-wall rifle cartridge called the 350 Legend in 2019; its 2.25" overall length, relatively slim profile and maximum average pressure (MAP) of ...Legend Power Systems News: This is the News-site for the company Legend Power Systems on Markets Insider Indices Commodities Currencies Stocks

Jan 29, 2019 ... The difference is case length. The 350 Legend is 0.1” longer. If it's under powered I'm sure handloading it would make up the difference and ...

398. .17 HMR. 0.172. Varmints. 240. For many of you, that's what you're looking for. You want to know how powerful each cartridge is. But if you're also looking for a conversion of caliber in inches to mm, the following chart should have what you're looking for.I filled a 350L case with 3031 last night, it weighed about 33 grains. To the base of a seated 200gr bullet, my best guess on fill point, the powder weighed 25 grains. I'm going to load 2 or 3 tonight or tomorrow with 14grs, small pistol primer and poly fill.Is 350 Legend just an AR-compatible 357 Magnum? Nope! Check out these ballistic gel tests to see how different the two cartridges are.Full 350 Legend Playlis...Jul 6, 2010 · I have always wanted a repeater rifle, like a levergun, in .357 Maximum, but didn’t have a pressing enough need to pursue it down the rabbit hole. With the .350 Legend, that may have changed. I still want a levergun, though, on the smaller Winchester 1892/Marlin 1894 frame size. Below is Mike Bellm’s take:M. mitdr774. 245 posts · Joined 2017. #4 · May 12, 2020. The maximum bullet diameter in my Ruger less than .357. I have had decent results with .358 resized .356, crap results with correct .355, and have not tried resizing .357 to .356 yet. I tried checking some .357 bullets for max COAL and found that instead of contacting the lands, the ...The .357AR and 350 Legend are very similar, with the Legend being designed for .355" (9mm) bullets and the .357AR for .357/.358" bullets. Just like in a .357 or .38 Special Revolver, you can also shoot .355 bullets in a .358 bore. Both chamberings in an AR15-type rifle will use standard 5.56x45mm/.223 Rem bolts.

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The straight-walled .350 Legend immediately piques the interest of hunters, as it will be legal in 47 of 50 states with its design. The true straight wall is not necked up and would make it the fastest straight wall cartridge on the market. The bullet diameter is .357 inches with a shell case length of 1.71 inches.SHOP NOW. Henry’s singe-shot in .350 Legend joins the .450 Bushmaster as the two additions to the company’s single-shot line in 2021. The matte-blued .350 Legend is fitted with a 22-inch round ...I use 180gr Remington semi jacketed pistol Bullets in my 357 Maximum. Complete pass through so far. ... Ruger American Standard 350 Legend, Vortex Crossfire 2 4-12X Scope 350 Legend 150 Grain Winchester Deer Season XP Ammunition. Reactions: 12Point and Waif. Save Share. Like. M.The case length hits the 1.71-inch mark with an overall cartridge length of 2.26 inches. The published bullet diameter for the .350 Legend is .357 inches. While dimensional specs play to the geek intrigue, the real value of the .350 Legend is its ballistic performance and shooter experience.The 350 Legend cartridge is a unique design and doesn't have a parent cartridge, while the .222 Remington is the parent case for the 223 cartridge. The bullet diameter is a clear difference between the two rounds; the 350 Legend has a bullet diameter of 0.357 - 0.003 in, while the smaller bullet diameter of the 223 is 0.224 in.I've chrono'd the 16.5" Ruger Ranch and AR MPR barrel and the Winchester 150Xp's at 2250fps avg. although advertised at 2325fps. My Savage 18.5" ran 2265fps avg. I don't have a 20 or 22" to test but I've read the 20" tubes are pushing them at 2315fps. I'm guessing the 22" would skirt 2350fps.AP2020 Merchandise https://ballisticink.com/collections/all/patriot-partner_ap2020-outdoorsPLEASE SUPPORT AP2020 and Check out These Outdoor Links on Patreon...360 Buckhammer was designed for lever action or break open rifles, as well as revolvers. 350 Legend is most often found in AR-15, MSR type platforms, but is also available in bolt action rifles and some handguns. With a case head similar to 223 Remington, 350 Legend does not function easily in a lever action type rifle.For this load, the 350 Legend will have a muzzle velocity of 2,325 fps and muzzle energy of 1,800 ft-lbs according to Winchester’s data. In comparison, the same load in 300 Blackout will have a muzzle velocity of 1,900 fps and muzzle energy of 1,200 ft-lbs. The 350 Legend is clearly superior in terms of muzzle velocity and energy.Using the case mouth for headspacing, much like the 9mm Luger or .45 ACP, the 350 Legend uses bullets which actually measure 0.354-inch or 0.355-inch in diameter, but because of the SAAMI-spec of “+/- 0.003 inches,” it is allowed for use in states like Ohio, which mandate a minimum diameter of 0.357 inches.It doesn't work. .350 Legend brass is larger at the base. .223/5.56 is .0376 .350 Legend is .0390. There are also case wall differences. It's not a conversion I'd want to shoot in my guys. You can get 250 pieces of new brass for $80 from Starline. williaty. • 1 yr. ago.Jul 6, 2010 · I have always wanted a repeater rifle, like a levergun, in .357 Maximum, but didn’t have a pressing enough need to pursue it down the rabbit hole. With the .350 Legend, that may have changed. I still want a levergun, though, on the smaller Winchester 1892/Marlin 1894 frame size. Below is Mike Bellm’s take:

With a case length of 2.170 inches, an overall cartridge length of 2.800 inches, yet retaining the 0.532 case head diameter and minimal body taper, the .350 Remington Magnum is highly reminiscent of a fire hydrant. Remington initially offered the 350 Magnum with two loads: a 200-grain Core-Lokt advertised at 2710 fps, and a 250-grain Core-Lokt ...The T3x Superlite minimal weight and maximum comfort for the dynamic hunter looking to stay focused. Features a fluted steel barrel, synthetic stock, maximum adaptability withaccessories, safe to shoot and handle with two-position safety. ... The link to Tikka T3 T3X Superlite 350 Legend Centerfire Rifle has been copied Get a 17% Off In-Store ...Esports is booming and its players are raking in the cash, and now the Fortnite star Ninja's magazine cover is a cultural touchstone. Tyler “Ninja” Blevins is a Fortnite legend, ha...Select Filter by Cartridge or Powder to get started. 2. Select other category options to refine your search. 3. Select the "Get Load Data" button to view results. The load data will populate in the field below. If selections are changed, please select the button again to refresh. Grs. Grs. craigslist missed connections sacramento The 30-30 is a bottleneck cartridge similar to the 223 Remington. That's the primary reason for the difference in bullet diameter and weight of these two calibers. The overall length of the 30-30 ammo is 2.55," and the case capacity is 45 grains. 350 Legend cartridge is 2.25" in overall length, which is very similar to the size of 300 blackout ... how to get a void check navy federal Out of the same length barrel and firing the same 150-grain bullet, the .350 Legend will have a muzzle velocity of 2,325fps and muzzle energy of 1,800ft-lbs. Conversely, the .300 Blackout with the same barrel length and bullet weight will have a lower muzzle velocity of 1,900fps and 1,200ft-lbs of muzzle energy. golden gloves fall river 350 Legend vs. 300BLK. Thread starter Tim; Start date Nov 7, 2019; Replies 15 Views 1,634 Tim Checked Out. Staff member. 2A Bourbon Hound 2024. 2A Bourbon Hound OG. Charter Life Member. ... I have a .357 Maximum you are more than welcome to try out. It is on a Handi- Rifle and runs 110s at 3,000 FPS and 200 grain Cast Performance at 2,000 ...Other options,357 Max, 360 buckhammer and 450 bushmaster, etc. the 350 legend is a 9mm (not .358") bullet in what is basically a straight 223 case. So no rim. It's specific brass, so you can't use 223 brass, but it's almost the same. Recoil is probably a bit more than a 357 mag as ballistics are similar to 357 Max. dr david isbell columbia sc 350 legend is like old wine in a new bottle,not a great deal different than an Encore chambered in 357 Maximum, a rimed case round that meets the criteria for zone 3 straight wall cartridges. And at one time model 24 Savage O/U combination shot gun -rifles were available in 357 Max.Feb 21, 2022 · Winchester Ammunition launched a new rimless straight-wall rifle cartridge called the 350 Legend in 2019; its 2.25" overall length, relatively slim profile and maximum average pressure (MAP) of ... the preservation technique that attempts to remove moisture is The Speer Hotcor 250 is 1.250" The 180gr xtp is 0.754" this means a 0.5" longer bullet. The 38 case is 1.155" long. The 357 mag case is 1.290" long. The mag case is only 0.135" longer, and max OAL only 0.04" longer. OAL for 357 mag is 1.590". This means the bullet will be set back to 0.35" from the back of the rim.The main difference you'll see between them when deer hunting is range, with the 350 offering 50% to 100% more range, depending on load. Do note that, in most cases, 38 Special hits to a radically different point of aim than 357 when fired from a carbine, so switching from deer to small game will involve re-zeroing, not just changing out ammo. septa bus 44 We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow us. pete najarian net worth I have loaded for the max for decades. I have a 357 Max AR (exceedingly similar to 350L). For a bolt gun, for an autoloader and for folks that do not reload, the 350L is the correct choice. As long as you reload and are going single shot, the Max is much, much better.In summary, if you load this bullet in a standard length 350 Legend case, it will not fit the cylinder chambers. Hornady 180 gr 357 XTP HP By Foster L R. on May 22, 2023 . ... My contender in 357 maximum and this bullet are perfect for each other. A real accurate bullet. Thank you. Hornady 180 gr. .357 Dia. By Ronald K. on Feb 04, 2023 . pollen count auburn How many of you replacing 357 rifles w/350 Legend? 15201890 09/07/20. Joined: Feb 2007The 350 Legend has a 180-grain Power Point load, though no 200-grain load as the .35 Remington does. Comparing the two in spite of the weight difference, you’ll see the 350 obtaining 2100 fps at the muzzle, and the .35 Remington cruising along at 2080 fps; not a whole lot of difference, though I’d have to give the edge to the .35 Remington ... ffxiv island sanctuary gathering macro Join Date: August 25, 2008. Location: In the valley above the plain. Posts: 13,424. .350 Legend uses a .355" nominal groove diameter, not .357". The throat is tapered, but the groove diameter is specified as .355". Whether or not the bullets will work in a .357" groove diameter barrel will depend upon the barrel, and the type of rifling. average gas price in austin Although it’s similar in ballistic performance to the .35 Remington and .357 Maximum, the .350 Legend was a witty grab at a whitetail hunting market that’s purely …I have a sneaking suspicion that Winchester engineers adopted dimensions for the .357 Magnum and .357 Maximum cartridge specifications and adapted them for the .350 Legend. Just like those cartridges, bore diameter is listed as being 0.346” and groove diameter at 0.355 +/- 0.003”. pamela o'hara waycross The New Original Henry Deluxe Engraved 25th Anniversary Edition .44-40 WCF. Classic Lever Action .22 25th Anniversary Edition .22 S/L/LR. Big Boy Brass Deluxe Engraved Edition .45 Colt, .44 Mag/.44 Spl, .357 Mag/.38 Spl. The New Original Henry Deluxe Engraved 3rd Edition .44-40 WCF.I switched to 355 bullets and everything was fine then. It is possible that 357 and lil gun don't mix but I haven't had a chance to test that yet. Technically you are supposed to be able to run 357 in 350 legend but it does seem to be causing problems, unfortunately. I have used 250 gr .358" bullets in my 350.With a bullet diameter of .357″, a maximum overall length of 2.26″, and a case length of 1.71″, the .350 Legend is legal to use in all the straight wall states and will also function reliably in an AR-15.